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Are You down to modern technology? Water Vapor Electric Fireplace is Here!

Are You down to modern technology? Water Vapor Electric Fireplace is Here!

Whether you choose a gas fireplace or an electric, both are a wonderful addition to your home. Yet both options have their opportunities and unique benefits. If you're not sure whether to go for gas or electric, come and take a look.

The fire effect

What you find the most beautiful fire effect is always a matter of taste. Even at a low setting, Faber gas fires produce a rich fire effect and are efficient in use. Hours of enjoyment! All down to continuous development and modern technology.

Do you prefer electric? Although initially, the idea of ‘fire from water’ of the unique e-MatriX would seem fanciful, the first look at the e-MatriX ‘fire’ is experienced as astonishingly realistic and convincing. That makes it an alternative with properties that have significant benefits and new opportunities compared to gas fires.

"The Faber e-MatriX is a perfect fit for any home!"

The benefits of a Faber e-MatriX fireplace

The e-MatriX series offers the best of Faber, focused on the future. You don’t have a gas connection in your house and you don't want a gas or a wood fire? With an e-MatriX fire, you can enjoy the unique Faber flame effect. Our unique three-dimensional technology creates an utterly realistic flame effect and you can lose yourself in Faber's flames, even with an electric fire. Astonishing fire... from the water!

The innovative Faber e-MatriX uses water to create true three-dimensional flames. This patented technology creates the ultimate sustainable, four-season fireplace that can be located virtually anywhere, without the need for venting.

A Faber e-MatriX delivers a natural environment yet doesn't use fuel or emit any emissions. Enjoy carefree operation virtually anywhere - your home, office, commercial or hospitality spaces. Electric fireplaces are suitable for almost any space and do not require major renovations to install. Discover the future of electricity with a Faber e-MatriX.

To add a sense of realism to the finished look, the e-MatriX comes with a charred log set. The combination of the vapor flames dancing through the logs with the illusion of loose embers creates an authentic experience.

A few more points as a comparison:

Faber electric e-MatriX are odorless. The e-MatriX only produces water vapor and contributes to good humidity in your house;

The electric e-MatriX can be inset and finished like a built-in fire on gas or wood, but without requiring a chimney;

The e-MatriX uses a few liters of drinking water per 24-hour period and (without additional heating) it consumes the same amount of electricity as room lighting;

Faber fires are easy to operate with the supplied remote control;

Rather than a gas connection, an e-MatriX only needs copper and PEX piping as a main waterline supply and a standard household outlet.

Are you interested?

Take a look at a real Faber e-MatriX firebox. Or fire experts would be pleased to assist you! Press here to Contact Us!

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